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Hello and welcome to my site! Are you hungry to read a fun, humorous, mystery caper? It’s here! Envision yourself settling in with a box of chocolates and a glass of wine as you follow a family of billionaire grifters from California as they cleverly entice evil villains to their downfall. Bwahaha. The Carrows Chronicles are chock full of fashion, food, private detectives, sweet romance, family drama, and sting operations guaranteed to make you smile and wish for more. Please share your thoughts and visit me through my contacts page, on my Facebook page, or Twitter. Enjoy! —Annabelle

★★★★★ Review on Amazon of Titan Takedown:

All the relentless force of Genghis Kahn; all the charm of the Mafia. That’s the Carrows. The Carrows Family is back. Rich, powerful, and a little less arrogant in Titan as they plot the destruction of a man named Damien who’s running a franchise scam called ‘Titan Farms’. Damien’s big mistake was taking advantage of the Carrows’ friends. Now the full wrath of the family will fall on him. Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad. The Carrows follow a similar protocol. At turns touching, satisfying, and hilarious.

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