I’ve Got a Girl Crush

No kidding. I’m obsessed with the actress, Kelly Reilly. George and I recently pounded back the first season of Yellowstone on Amazon and Oh My God, whenever a scene appeared with Kelly Reilly playing the Dutton daughter, I was literally glued to my chair. I’ve never seen the talented woman in anything, but damn, that girl can act. The character’s dialogue is everything. She’s a … Continue reading I’ve Got a Girl Crush

Literary Pilgrimage. WTF?

I was recently interviewed by a freelance writer and a particular question stopped me. “What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?” Sweat broke out. I had to answer. “From my laptop to bed.” I don’t think that was the response they were looking for, but I panicked. Such a high brow question, right? After the interview was over, I took the time to breathe and … Continue reading Literary Pilgrimage. WTF?

Design Home. An App to Reckon With.

Adding to my long list of confessions, this one, sigh, is similar to my last. I’m addicted to another game called Design Home. According to my stats, I got sucked into this game on New Year’s Eve, 2017. I was either bored, alone, or drunk at a party. Frankly, I don’t recall how the introduction was made. If you haven’t used this app, let me … Continue reading Design Home. An App to Reckon With.

Donuts and Immigrants. I’m Grateful to Both.

June 7 was International Donut Day and full disclosure, I missed it. Shamefully true, but I hope to make up for that here. Not only to celebrate donuts but wait for it….to celebrate immigrants. Yes. There is a connection for me. Oddly, I have two, which is part of the compelling reason I’m sharing this. I must first tell you that my mother, God rest … Continue reading Donuts and Immigrants. I’m Grateful to Both.

It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

I have a drawer in my kitchen completely devoted to candy. I blame my Aunt Betty. As a child, I would visit my Aunt Betty and Uncle Eddie, sometimes even staying with them for lengths of time, and marvel over the fact that they had this not-so-secret drawer stocked with candy. You could visit it any time. Just grab candy, then hit the garage fridge … Continue reading It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

My Daughter Donated Stem Cells

Allow me to brag. My daughter, Scarlett, recently donated her stem cells to someone with cancer. Registered on Be the Match, she got the call that she was a possible match. It actually surprised us all. The cancer patient’s doctor decides which type of donation they need—either peripheral blood stem cells or marrow. Scarlett was asked to give the blood. Rigorous requirement hurdles quickly ensued. … Continue reading My Daughter Donated Stem Cells

Can Being Fabulous Get You Arrested?

I recently had the joy of sitting at the social security office for many hours, clutching my number and waiting—not patiently, for it to be called. As legal guardian for a relative, I needed to present myself with some paperwork. That’s fine, but damn, the wait was long. I made a few acquaintances, played a lot of games on my phone, read the paper, and … Continue reading Can Being Fabulous Get You Arrested?

Beware of Kohler Trash Cans!

What a trivial thing to be writing about, but I can’t stop myself! Ask anyone in my family, and they’ll tell you I’ve bored them crazy over my ongoing trashcan problem. It’s a forever problem and Kohler, you just made the shit list. I’d thought I’d found it. It was Heaven-in-an-aisle as I walked down the row of beautiful, well-made trash cans at The Container … Continue reading Beware of Kohler Trash Cans!