The Carrows Family Chronicles

“Clever, sexy, and always stylish. The Carrows series is more satisfying than tequila shots on the beach.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review on Amazon

A humorous, contemporary, caper series about one of the wealthiest families in America – The Carrows. A private, glamourous, and mysterious group of grifters, who take out the bad guys, one sting operation at a time. Reminiscent of the Ocean’s 11 movies, romance and family drama sneak in as the capers unfold, and a well-deserving cast of devilish evil-doers receive their comeuppance. A fun, easy to read family saga, you’ll enjoy watching the Carrows wield their special blend of justice while balancing their enormous power with their humanity.

A family of billionaire grifters.

A girl seeking true love.

A con she didn’t see coming.

Beautiful, sensitive Charlotte never fit in her family of American grifters. Determined to make her own way in the world, she sets out for New York City with a new identity, certain no one will discover that she’s a Carrows. Wealthy. Powerful. Elite.

With anonymity comes the freedom to love. And to be loved for herself, not her money. She finds that in David Torres, her college boyfriend at NYU. But what will David do once he discovers he’s been dating a Carrows? Nothing good.

The heartbreaking devastation that David brings leaves Charlotte estranged from her family and alone. Or so she thinks. With her mother’s help, they set out to right a grievous wrong. Can they repair their broken family? Can they bring David to justice?

Charlotte McGee is the first book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire romance suspense novels. If you like exciting capers filled with glamour and romance, Book One will leave you delighted and eager for more.

Wealthy. Well dressed. Dauntless.

The Carrows family comes together once again to right a wrong the way only they can – with style!

Charlotte and her fiancé, Alex, are planning their happily-ever after, but the celebrations are overshadowed by tragedy. Alex’s sister and her husband are locked in a corrupt business deal. One loophole after another has them in a chokehold, and they’re about to lose the family farm.

It’s not just them. Morally bankrupt and vicious Damien Miller suckered lots of honest, hard-working families into a contractual scheme based on fraudulent lies which could leave them homeless. But now he’s crossed paths with the Carrows —an avenging, charming group of grifters who love nothing more than a good hunt.

With unlimited resources at their disposal, Henry Carrows gathers his children and insists they set old grudges aside to run a little scheme of their own. But their plot depends on one thing….

Will Damien take the bait?

A seductive, well-dressed, double cross. Come along for the ride.

Titan Takedown is the second book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire caper suspense novels. If you like exciting tales with romantic heroes, evil villains, and fashionable flair, then you’ll love Annabelle Lewis’s thrilling and glamorous series.

Carrows Justice ebook cover

Tragedy. Regret. Honor.

 A moment is all it takes. The Carrows family is shattered between one heartbeat and the next, and their vast wealth does nothing to console the family as they reel in the aftermath. They gather at Whispering Cliffs, their ancestral home by the sea, to draw strength from one another as they struggle with their pain. Charles is shaken to his core by his own guilt, a legal loophole, and a boyhood friend: Quentin Rose. Desperate and angry, Charles must dig deep to reconcile his feelings and discover what is important. Love and life. Forgiveness and atonement—and quite possibly, revenge.

Quentin Rose has his own agenda. He knows the Carrows may be out for blood, but he’s not going to roll over and let them take it. Charles may have more money than God, and believe he’s morally superior, but Quentin is more than ready for the fight. Bring it.

Seeking a solution, the Carrows will enlist the help of new friends and creative subterfuge to restore their balance and right the wrongs. A special blend of justice, delivered to wreck a rose.

Carrows Justice is the third book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire caper novels.

eBook Cover The Bad Penny

He thought he’d learned to play their game, but he forgot the most important lesson. It’s dangerous to underestimate the Carrows.

An old enemy resurfaces, bent on revenge. He enacts a perverse play and attempts a personal plan of extortion. He makes it clear he is out for blood. His miscalculation? The Carrows family makes the rules. They won’t pay. They will play.

Enter Cheryl Davis, bar owner, former stripper, and a go-to for the Carrows when they need to razzle and dazzle their mark. Her old friend, Charles Carrows convinces her to leave Los Angeles and her small slice of success to support the latest family campaign. Cheryl travels to Yorkshire to join forces with the earl and countess of Hambley, Henry and Julia’s old and dear friends. No one at Hambley Hall will ever be the same – including Cheryl.

Join the Carrows again for glittery Las Vegas parties, romance in the Swiss Alps, and tea and cocktails with the landed gentry of Great Britain. A worldwide caper unfolds as the family goes to extraordinary lengths to defeat their enemy. This time, with a permanent solution.

The Bad Penny is the fourth book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire caper novels.

“The Carrows are at it again….. It sort of like a ski run. It starts out on the lift to the top as you get acquainted with the everything and everybody. When you get to the top, Annabelle shoves you off and you’re on a fast-paced race to the end.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review on Amazon

Scoundrels. Heroes. Hijinks.

Sir Hugh Brocklesby, distinguished Knight of the Crown, leaned forward. “Just as there’s a hierarchy in life, there’s one in the food chain. Big fish eat little fish, Lord Barry. In order to devour a big fish, all you need is a bigger one. As it happens, I believe I know precisely where to go fishing.”

Charles Carrows, with his breathtaking love Angelica Renner, now resides in the Mayfair District of London, where he is working to make his newest casino a success. But trouble comes calling when he receives an unorthodox proposition from Scotland Yard. In a reversal of roles, it’s the Carrows turn to be facing an offer they cannot refuse.

The Queen of England needs a favor. A beloved member of the royal family is being blackmailed. Will the Carrows help? Perhaps. But what’s in it for them? The problem is, Scotland Yard isn’t really asking.

So begins the campaign against Gianluigi Rimini Rossini, a sinister man with a social Ponzi scheme, threatening to expose the monarchy to vicious scandal. The Carrows family—always careful—vet their latest target only to discover that Gianluigi belongs to an Italian family with connections to a town crawling with neo-Nazis. The sting operation just went to a whole new level. A bigger fish then? Charles knows where to go fishing too.

Join the Carrows as their family saga continues, their campaign endeavors resume, and they manage the villains. One yummy fish at a time.

A dishonest man. A plan to set him straight. All things blow up.

Charlotte Carrows Macchi and her beloved husband, Alex, are building their dream home in the West Village, but delays ensue. The subcontractors, fresh off a building project in Manhattan working for Mr. Hyde Sutton, are broke and struggling to stay alive because Mr. Hyde—as he’s known—refuses to pay them. Charlotte and Alex, unfortunately, know Hyde Sutton personally. They believe the subcontractors and won’t look the other way. Maybe it’s time for Hyde, a notorious narcissist and bully, to play with the big boys: the Carrows.

Mr. Hyde Sutton struts through his Manhattan fiefdom, confident in his global image as a hugely successful real estate developer, not just in New York City but around the world. He has a tremendous gift for closing deals and bringing people together. Even the Russians love him! Especially now that they’re in bed together. He’s made himself into a bona fide legend, and there are no limits to where he could go.

But the Russians have other plans. They usually do.

Privileged. Hunted. Broken.

Twelve-year-old Petunia Carrows Macchi, beloved daughter of Charlotte and Alex, convinces the family to take a cross country vacation! Ready for some fun, trouble finds them in Minnesota lake country, when Petunia overhears an incriminating conversation about the disappearance of a young mother.

The desperate circumstances put the safety of both Petunia and the young mother’s daughter, Violet, in jeopardy. As the criminals work to cover their tracks, the Carrows-Macchi family are forced to help the investigation and save their daughter and young Violet from the dangerous people out to destroy them.

Villains don’t play by the rules. Why should the heroes?

Enter the Carrows family.

Charles Carrows and his growing family move to Belgravia, London, and settle into Britain for the foreseeable future. As they try to secure the success of Carrows London Hotel and Casino in Britain by building on the momentum gained after the queen’s unprecedented visit, Charles and his family become aware of a debt-bondage scheme being run out of an established British institution—right down the street.

The family employs the full investigative forces of Macchi & Macchi and other legally questionable resources to uncover the organization; but they need help from Scotland Yard too. It’s a sticky situation. But with lives on the line, how far will the Carrows go?

One thing is for sure: London and Nairobi will never be the same.

Enjoy another wild ride as the family saga continues—billionaire caper mystery at its finest.

Watch their smoke.


Power. Money. Vendettas.

Violet Krueger, the innocent foster child of Charlotte and Alex Macchi, has been uprooted from her small home in lake country Minnesota, and fallen into the magnificent Manhattan home of billionaires. While dealing with the pain and confusion over the violent death of her mother and her father’s culpability in the crime, her enrollment is secured into an ultra-private Manhattan school where her presence is put under scrutiny by the privileged youth and their parents.

Eighth grade is hard. Trusting is hard. And bullies are the worst. Caught in the crossfire of scheming adults and a custody battle, Violet’s life is not her own.

Can the Carrows family help her before she shatters?

Where there is love, there must be a way.