Leave Our Fortune Cookies Alone!

What marketing genius decided it would be a good idea to molest my fortune cookies with personal ads for the company on the other side of the fortune. Whhhhyyyyy. Fortune cookies are a freebie. They are meant to be fun. Enjoyed by the customers.  A tiny thank you, we love you, please come again, cookie. I won’t name the big chain Chinese restaurant which forced … Continue reading Leave Our Fortune Cookies Alone!

Lizzo Blockbuster “Truth Hurts” is Awesome, But There’s a Problem

I love this song, but perhaps I’ve listened to it too much, because…. Problem One: It’s stuck in my head. For days now. Only the first line. And I believe it’s grammatically incorrect. Problem Two: I don’t think I can legally quote the line in my blog without the publishers coming after me. I tried researching this bit, but even if I give full credit … Continue reading Lizzo Blockbuster “Truth Hurts” is Awesome, But There’s a Problem

Best Blog Ever!

A kick-ass Call to Action? Click-bait? Boom. Right in your face. Now I give you a reward, my sweet. Read FU Penguin by Matthew Gasteier. A book about cute animals receiving their comeuppance. Who knew they needed it? Matthew did. I heart you, Matthew. According to great blog-writing rules, and to stay on topic delivering the best blog ever, I’m also supposed to help you … Continue reading Best Blog Ever!

Supermassive Black Hole in Center of Milky Way!

Boom! No one can accuse me of burying the lead. I need to stop watching NOVA. Sometimes, when the Bravo channel lineup isn’t running a show I watch, and I’m too lazy to hook up my electronics to one of our non-smart TV’s, I’ll run through the channels. Antiques Roadshow usually grabs my attention, but like someone reluctantly peering under a bandage to look at … Continue reading Supermassive Black Hole in Center of Milky Way!

Literary Pilgrimage. WTF?

I was recently interviewed by a freelance writer and a particular question stopped me. “What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?” Sweat broke out. I had to answer. “From my laptop to bed.” I don’t think that was the response they were looking for, but I panicked. Such a high brow question, right? After the interview was over, I took the time to breathe and … Continue reading Literary Pilgrimage. WTF?

Design Home. An App to Reckon With.

Adding to my long list of confessions, this one, sigh, is similar to my last. I’m addicted to another game called Design Home. According to my stats, I got sucked into this game on New Year’s Eve, 2017. I was either bored, alone, or drunk at a party. Frankly, I don’t recall how the introduction was made. If you haven’t used this app, let me … Continue reading Design Home. An App to Reckon With.

It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

I have a drawer in my kitchen completely devoted to candy. I blame my Aunt Betty. As a child, I would visit my Aunt Betty and Uncle Eddie, sometimes even staying with them for lengths of time, and marvel over the fact that they had this not-so-secret drawer stocked with candy. You could visit it any time. Just grab candy, then hit the garage fridge … Continue reading It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood