I’ve Got a Girl Crush

No kidding. I’m obsessed with the actress, Kelly Reilly. George and I recently pounded back the first season of Yellowstone on Amazon and Oh My God, whenever a scene appeared with Kelly Reilly playing the Dutton daughter, I was literally glued to my chair. I’ve never seen the talented woman in anything, but damn, that girl can act. The character’s dialogue is everything. She’s a fierce, dominant, tiger of a woman who gobbles up everyone in her way. This character has a lot of flaws and personal issues, and her vulnerability is magnificently intoxicating. But you do not mess with Beth Dutton.

I’m giving the series Yellowstone four out of five stars. I’m a fan of Kevin Costner too, but really, for me, it’s all about Kelly Reilly playing Beth Dutton. Spoiler….in one scene she’s taking away her brother’s credit cards and reclaiming some personal possessions and she giggles at some ballsy challenge the brother’s friend issues. Beth Dutton drowns the bitch with that giggle. A giggle! You’ve got to see it. It’s just superb acting. She’s the most compelling, complex character on the show, and that’s saying something. The entire show is filled with interesting characters. Kevin Costner wanted to do a series where they could do a deep dive into the characters and take his time. Thank you, Kevin. Can’t wait to see seasons two through ten.

I had a similar reaction to The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. In that series, I kept yelling at the screen to give me more Donatella. Penelope Cruz did an incredible job with this real life character. Fierce again, every time Donatella walked into the room you could hear a pin drop. No one knew what was going to happen, or what was going to come out of her mouth. She was/is a force and I l-o-v-e it.

Give me more screen time with Donatella! Give me another series just for Beth Dutton! Cast Kelly Reilly in all leading roles! Wake up, Hollywood, if you don’t already know it, you’ve got gold. A foul-mouthed, ass-kicking woman who you will root for despite her flaws.

I challenge you to watch Yellowstone and tell me I’m wrong. You’re welcome in advance!

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