Bling Empire, The Queen’s Gambit, and Pudding Shot Recipes.

A Trifecta. Let’s go.

Ah, the middle of the night. I can’t sleep because. . . (insert just about any cause and concern here.) So I turn on the TV to distract myself. First up, Bling Empire. I’m not exactly ashamed to say I watched it, but there was a bit more guilt attached to the viewing than I cared for. I mean, I wasn’t learning anything, and in the end, I was only marginally entertained. But hey, it’s better than digging my hand into a box of Captain Crunch and watching re-runs of the Real Housewives.

Full disclosure, I’m a super fan of Bravo and the Real Housewives. There are times though that even I can’t stomach what they’re doing and saying. As much as I loved Dorinda, thank God she’s taking a break.

Bling Empire was like watching a different kind of Shahs of Sunset where in the first season of drama, everyone (Reza – I’m looking at you) was going overboard boasting about their wealth. But as the show went into further seasons, you witnessed how hard these characters were trying to get ahead and stay afloat. In Bling, I had the same worries. Yes, Kane had a wall of shoes, but he was living in a small apartment with them. Yes, I understand it’s LA, but still. Also, I think with the wave of societal trends, causes, chaos, deprivation, and pain, the fun of having a wall of shoes that set you back maybe $100,000 was off-putting. Damn you real world for spoiling shit like this for me!

The characters were a mixed bag of interesting casting. I was super fearful of the ex-Power Ranger, Andrew. He was sooo creepy. And his girlfriend’s ex was caught up in some kind of major criminal activity—so, that didn’t sit well for me. And then this Anna chic with the really long, SUPER messy blond hair and makeup whose billions came from her family and the arms business? Did I get that right? And why does she effing whisper all the time? I’ll tell you why. To make the supplicants work hard to receive the blessing of her every deigned thought and worldly utterance. Here you go, baby. Here’s a crumb for you. And one for you. And one for you. Poo. I just wanted her to take a shower, (but not with that pump thing – what was that about?) Her house was just as messy as she was, and her lips, well, I’m assuming nature didn’t do that. At one point in the show, she had a party but invited one gal to arrive at a time nearing the end to publicly humiliate her as punishment for. . . not important. Let’s just say it was Anna’s hand and ass everyone was told to kiss. No thanks.

Kane grew on me. So did Kevin. And the fabulous Jaime Xie, who didn’t get much of a storyline other than for her shopping and OCD— was eye candy and fun to watch. I wish I could just have a day or two with her in real life. I’m following her on Instagram. All in all, I was more weirded out by the show than anything. But I watched the whole damn thing.

Onward to The Queen’s Gambit. I loved this mini-series. It had a Wes Anderson vibe—quirky, but highly interesting. The main character, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, was a fascinating study and from a book written by Walter Tevis. Ms. Taylor-Joy was as mesmerizing as her character to watch. The first couple of episodes were difficult for me because it was a bit trippy and sad, but I got into it. The 50’s-60’s scene was well done, and the characters stayed true to who they were. I would love to see more. I’d rate it five stars!

To my recipe for pudding shots; my favorite below. But I will caution you, as much as you might be tempted, do not go overboard and add extra vodka. Not only will they be too runny, but it will also take away the delight of the dessert. Naturally, you can always have shots on the side. I also strongly recommend that you freeze these suckers and then eat them with a tiny taster spoon. Spoons with super soft edges. Pretend you’re Alice in Wonderland. Also, do NOT get bad Vodka. I’m begging you to listen to me. That’s good advice!

In addition to the wee spoons, you’ll need disposable cups with lids.

Pistachio Amaretto Pudding Shots

2 – Pistachio Pudding boxes (small)

1& ½ cup of milk

½ cup Amaretto

1 cup Vodka

2 – Cool Whip (small)

Throw it all together, dish into cups, then put them into the freezer. Later, remove these bad boys, and with a sly smile. . . eat and enjoy!

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