What a World

True Story. My dear friend, Tom, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He’d had his routine, five-year colonoscopy where they discovered some benign polyps. The doctor asked him to come back for a follow-up colonoscopy in six months. Despite the doctor’s recommendations, his insurance denied the follow-up procedure as unnecessary.  Stop here and cringe. Tom, however, being a smart man with a smart wife, followed … Continue reading What a World

True Boy Scout or Small, Misleading Youth?

I always open my door to the young people in my neighborhood who are selling things for school, sports, or other causes. I’m not only interested in supporting their enterprise and entrepreneurial efforts, but use it as a pay-it-forward effort because my children were once knocking on doors, too. Every year, I can reasonably count on the Girl Scouts stopping by for the annual cookie … Continue reading True Boy Scout or Small, Misleading Youth?

Okaaay, Minnesota. What’s up with you?

I recently attended a performance of the Fab Four—a Beatles tribute band at the State Theater in Minneapolis and was horrified by the audience’s reaction. They just sat there. And stared lifeless as the cute boys with mop tops came out with their black suits and skinny ties on the mock Ed Sullivan stage and began rocking I Wanna Hold Your Hand. The backdrop played … Continue reading Okaaay, Minnesota. What’s up with you?

My Money Tree is a Greedy Tramp

And possibly dying? Nooo. Please don’t die. I hover over this plant. It’s the only plant I ever talk to. I think about it way too much. It owns me. We’re in a useless, one-sided relationship and it makes me want to put both of us out of our misery and toss it out. It’s got yellowing leaves and somewhere along the line I recall … Continue reading My Money Tree is a Greedy Tramp

Hope in a Versatile Package

I’m waiting for the big football game, trying not to snack on the chips my husband poured into a bowl on the center island. Thanks for the temptation, George. Thank God they’re not BBQ, I’d be lost. So a supposedly fun writing exercise is to pick a letter and then four random words beginning with that letter and then write a story using them. I … Continue reading Hope in a Versatile Package

Desert Big Horn Sheep. What’s up Fellas?

Look at them, hanging around on high rocks. What are you doing up there? It’s almost like they’re climbing around just so they can get a view of the world from a different vantage point. It’s like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid scoping the terrain for the super-posse as they do their hard scramble up the cliffs. I’ve done a bit of research on … Continue reading Desert Big Horn Sheep. What’s up Fellas?

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that the Golden Globes are on this weekend! Yay! I’m excited and moderately prepared. I’ll be ready, cocktail in hand, for the red carpet—arguably one of the highlights of the evening for me. The fashion is everything, but the show, this year hosted by Ricky Gervais, should be fun too. My husband and I have watched as many of the nominated … Continue reading The Good News and the Bad News

When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Does this picture of a gingerbread man lolling in a cup of cocoa give you the creeps? You know he’s a cookie, right? He’s dissolving in there. Why is this a feel-good picture and why is that damn cookie smiling? This kind of stuff always makes me nervous. It’s the Toy Story Affect. You can’t have it both ways and see toys as real and … Continue reading When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Art History Comes Alive

I love Khan Academy and Smarthistory for their free sites which help me learn about everything I slept through in high school and college. But I especially love Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker who teach art history. I’ve spent over a hundred hours devouring everything in that subject and have only scratched the surface. Through essays, and pictures, and videos, I’ve learned about … Continue reading Art History Comes Alive