I Hope You’re Happy Stupid Oscars. I Can’t Sleep.

I finally got around to watching Parasite, the 2019 double Best Picture, Oscar award winner. Wow. I can’t tell you how much I hated this movie. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG. I was going to try writing it without them, but no, I can’t do it.  List of reasons I hated Parasite in no particular order: It was creepy as shit.  Don’t be fooled … Continue reading I Hope You’re Happy Stupid Oscars. I Can’t Sleep.

A Story Worth Telling

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I’ve been busy visiting relatives, vacationing, hanging with friends…. Wait. That’s just not true. While I thoroughly enjoy lying, I’m sure you will see through that one. Sigh. Below is an article written by a sweet (more or less), kind (sure), talented (ubetcha), man with a wonderful wife (his redeeming trait), named Don Deline. His daughter gifted … Continue reading A Story Worth Telling

Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Blogger for Tips

I made this mistake the other day on a Facebook site. Sincerely looking for tips as to what mistakes people had made or regretted as they began blogging, I posted the question on a conversation stream and got crickets. My first reaction was sadness that no one on the stream responded. Then confusion. Then ahh, I wonder if they think I’m trying to get an … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Blogger for Tips

What a World

True Story. My dear friend, Tom, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He’d had his routine, five-year colonoscopy where they discovered some benign polyps. The doctor asked him to come back for a follow-up colonoscopy in six months. Despite the doctor’s recommendations, his insurance denied the follow-up procedure as unnecessary.  Stop here and cringe. Tom, however, being a smart man with a smart wife, followed … Continue reading What a World

True Boy Scout or Small, Misleading Youth?

I always open my door to the young people in my neighborhood who are selling things for school, sports, or other causes. I’m not only interested in supporting their enterprise and entrepreneurial efforts, but use it as a pay-it-forward effort because my children were once knocking on doors, too. Every year, I can reasonably count on the Girl Scouts stopping by for the annual cookie … Continue reading True Boy Scout or Small, Misleading Youth?