Desert Big Horn Sheep. What’s up Fellas?

Look at them, hanging around on high rocks. What are you doing up there? It’s almost like they’re climbing around just so they can get a view of the world from a different vantage point. It’s like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid scoping the terrain for the super-posse as they do their hard scramble up the cliffs. I’ve done a bit of research on … Continue reading Desert Big Horn Sheep. What’s up Fellas?

The Good News and the Bad News

The good news is that the Golden Globes are on this weekend! Yay! I’m excited and moderately prepared. I’ll be ready, cocktail in hand, for the red carpet—arguably one of the highlights of the evening for me. The fashion is everything, but the show, this year hosted by Ricky Gervais, should be fun too. My husband and I have watched as many of the nominated … Continue reading The Good News and the Bad News

When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Does this picture of a gingerbread man lolling in a cup of cocoa give you the creeps? You know he’s a cookie, right? He’s dissolving in there. Why is this a feel-good picture and why is that damn cookie smiling? This kind of stuff always makes me nervous. It’s the Toy Story Affect. You can’t have it both ways and see toys as real and … Continue reading When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Sometimes I Just Need A Cookie…

…..and to write. It’s a perfect pairing on this wonderful Christmas Eve and a break from other activities. This year I mismanaged my schedule and our go-to kennel did not have any reservations left for our dog. Oops. This meant I had to search elsewhere for boarding the wild beast, and it just didn’t work out. So, I’m missing the family gathering, and my son … Continue reading Sometimes I Just Need A Cookie…

An Unexpected Discovery

While engrossed in the editing process of my latest book—Fisher of Men, Book Five of the Carrows Family Chronicles, I became worried that a central character had cried too much. Granted there was a ton of stuff coming her way, but I paused before changing the words in a key scene and did a word find of the manuscript to see how many times I’d … Continue reading An Unexpected Discovery

Leave Our Fortune Cookies Alone!

What marketing genius decided it would be a good idea to molest my fortune cookies with personal ads for the company on the other side of the fortune. Whhhhyyyyy. Fortune cookies are a freebie. They are meant to be fun. Enjoyed by the customers.  A tiny thank you, we love you, please come again, cookie. I won’t name the big chain Chinese restaurant which forced … Continue reading Leave Our Fortune Cookies Alone!

Lizzo Blockbuster “Truth Hurts” is Awesome, But There’s a Problem

I love this song, but perhaps I’ve listened to it too much, because…. Problem One: It’s stuck in my head. For days now. Only the first line. And I believe it’s grammatically incorrect. Problem Two: I don’t think I can legally quote the line in my blog without the publishers coming after me. I tried researching this bit, but even if I give full credit … Continue reading Lizzo Blockbuster “Truth Hurts” is Awesome, But There’s a Problem

Let’s Get Perspective on Mama June

Something’s been bothering me about the latest outpouring of concern over Mama June’s situation. I know what it is. Misplaced compassion. (Spoiler alert… this blog is a downer.) Sorry folks, I think we need to focus on the real victims—her four children. Like a lot of people, I was riveted by Mama June and her family and watched the saga unfold from the beginning with … Continue reading Let’s Get Perspective on Mama June

I Need A Tim Gunn App

Tim Gunn, where are you? I need you to make an app. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep and I began thinking seriously about getting the app I previously wrote about called Calm. (See blog entitled, It’s a Dunderstorm). Among other things on Calm, soothing stories are read by actors with pleasing, appealing voices like Matthew McConaughey. But Tim Gunn could … Continue reading I Need A Tim Gunn App