A Story Worth Telling

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I’ve been busy visiting relatives, vacationing, hanging with friends…. Wait. That’s just not true. While I thoroughly enjoy lying, I’m sure you will see through that one. Sigh. Below is an article written by a sweet (more or less), kind (sure), talented (ubetcha), man with a wonderful wife (his redeeming trait), named Don Deline. His daughter gifted … Continue reading A Story Worth Telling

Writing Prompts. A Good Thing or a Cautionary Tale?

If you’ve read my blogs, you’ll understand the title of this one and why I chose to write it. Let’s begin by breaking down how a traditional cautionary tale is supposed to be structured and its purpose. As the two words—cautionary tale, imply, it is an ask for you to stop, and proceed with caution. There may be danger ahead. There are three parts of … Continue reading Writing Prompts. A Good Thing or a Cautionary Tale?

Favorite Food Memory

Write about: A taste that excites you and the moment you first encountered it. I came across this writing prompt in 642 Things to Write About and stopped on it because I do have a recollection. That surprised me. I hadn’t ever considered my experience as something profound, but when the prompt came, the memory flooded back. I was at a friend’s house, sitting on … Continue reading Favorite Food Memory