When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Does this picture of a gingerbread man lolling in a cup of cocoa give you the creeps? You know he’s a cookie, right? He’s dissolving in there. Why is this a feel-good picture and why is that damn cookie smiling? This kind of stuff always makes me nervous. It’s the Toy Story Affect. You can’t have it both ways and see toys as real and … Continue reading When Bad Things Happen to Good Cookies

Best Blog Ever!

A kick-ass Call to Action? Click-bait? Boom. Right in your face. Now I give you a reward, my sweet. Read FU Penguin by Matthew Gasteier. A book about cute animals receiving their comeuppance. Who knew they needed it? Matthew did. I heart you, Matthew. According to great blog-writing rules, and to stay on topic delivering the best blog ever, I’m also supposed to help you … Continue reading Best Blog Ever!

Supermassive Black Hole in Center of Milky Way!

Boom! No one can accuse me of burying the lead. I need to stop watching NOVA. Sometimes, when the Bravo channel lineup isn’t running a show I watch, and I’m too lazy to hook up my electronics to one of our non-smart TV’s, I’ll run through the channels. Antiques Roadshow usually grabs my attention, but like someone reluctantly peering under a bandage to look at … Continue reading Supermassive Black Hole in Center of Milky Way!

Can Being Fabulous Get You Arrested?

I recently had the joy of sitting at the social security office for many hours, clutching my number and waiting—not patiently, for it to be called. As legal guardian for a relative, I needed to present myself with some paperwork. That’s fine, but damn, the wait was long. I made a few acquaintances, played a lot of games on my phone, read the paper, and … Continue reading Can Being Fabulous Get You Arrested?

Beware of Kohler Trash Cans!

What a trivial thing to be writing about, but I can’t stop myself! Ask anyone in my family, and they’ll tell you I’ve bored them crazy over my ongoing trashcan problem. It’s a forever problem and Kohler, you just made the shit list. I’d thought I’d found it. It was Heaven-in-an-aisle as I walked down the row of beautiful, well-made trash cans at The Container … Continue reading Beware of Kohler Trash Cans!

The Great Coffeemaker Puzzle. Do We Have Gremlins?

We recently went through four coffee makers and are on our fifth. How did that happen you ask? Good question. Part argh! Part stupid. Part what? Part shit! Oddly, after we got our fifth, I’ve been dreaming of another. The first one broke. Just wouldn’t turn on one day. Its job is to turn on, but no. It stopped cooperating. The second one was purchased … Continue reading The Great Coffeemaker Puzzle. Do We Have Gremlins?

The Password is What?

“George,” I yelled down the stairs. “Did you re-set the user name and password for the bank?” I waited patiently at the top, not wanting to deal with the puppy gate and the need to tread down to the construction zone which is currently our basement. No answer. Argh. I pushed the rambunctious dog out of the way and closed the gate securely behind me. … Continue reading The Password is What?