Hey Dan, Call me.

I get a lot of e-mail from a childcare site where I worked in the past. It pops up periodically with messages from parents, searching for babysitters or to fill nanny positions. I usually open them without thought, curious what the request is and why after so many years, the cookies on this site still have me listed as a sticky candidate.

So I open this e-mail from a guy named Dan. He’s looking for a babysitter for next Friday night. The time states, “6-11pm or possible overnight?” So I’m looking at this and thinking, Dan, you hopeful fella. You’re seeking a babysitter who has the flexibility to stay the night, just in case things progress nicely on Friday?

I was so curious. I wanted to reach out and reply, but I had the feeling that Dan, having never even met me would instantly, without an interview, give me the gig. And then I’d be stuck….possibly sleeping on sweet Dan’s couch. Or not sweet couch. That’s the double-edge sword thing. For all he knows I might be a bad babysitter (I can assure you I am not). My side of the blade could mean he has a house that smells like a dirty litter box with fur on every surface and children who I wish I could rescue.

Dan, Dan, Dan. The ad is gone now, and I’ll never know how Friday night went. Please post again. This time I will respond. My curiosity may be my undoing, but I’ve got to know.

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