Queer Eye For the Straight Guy…You Rock!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fills me up. Both the original version and the new. I defy you to watch the first episode of the reboot version: Season 4, entitled Without Further Ado and not tear up. Do it!

Spoiler Below!

This season opener is all about one of the guys—Jonathan Van Ness and his Illinois high school orchestra teacher. The woman had been wearing her hair in a mullet for the last 35 years, but that fact almost seemed secondary when you got to know her.

Kathy works for the high school’s music and arts department and most nights, she can be found at the school until after ten pm. Come on. Everyone interviewed acknowledged the fact that when you drive by the school parking lot at night, her car will be there. For 35 years.

I cannot comprehend that dedication. And on a teacher’s salary. When questioned, Kathy explained that she was raised in a generation where it was important to give back. She came from a family of veterans. Her generation believed that when you thought about yourself you were being selfish.

You could see the pain on her face as she tried to give herself credit. She got it, intellectually, that she needed to make time for herself, but she didn’t know how to do it or give herself permission.

The guys—all five of them are therapists, not just specialists in their field, and I love the way they respect and manage the feelings of the people they are working with.

This is what it’s all about people! Love, respect, kindness, and selfless sacrifice. All wrapped up in one sweet mullet.

Kathy will go straight to the head of the line at the pearly gates, and her hair will be looking great.

Bravo, Bravo!

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