An Unexpected Discovery

While engrossed in the editing process of my latest book—Fisher of Men, Book Five of the Carrows Family Chronicles, I became worried that a central character had cried too much. Granted there was a ton of stuff coming her way, but I paused before changing the words in a key scene and did a word find of the manuscript to see how many times I’d used the phrase:  eyes filled with tears. 

I dropped in: filled with and got the following results. I believe the list speaks quite well for my work. It’s a bit of taste for you out there who haven’t experienced a journey with the Carrows. Come now…read the list. Aren’t you curious and a wee bit excited?

Great resistance

Twinkling lights

Fur coats

Tremendous surge of happiness









A couple million bucks

Nazi flags and swastikas

The Carrows Family Chronicles by Annabelle Lewis. A playful, boatload of fun! Book five, coming soon……

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