Mystery Meal

This blog is all about the attached image. If you can’t see it, then move along and enjoy the rest of your day! I have a subscription to purchase images and once a week, Depositphotos will send free images I can download as a little gift. Images can be expensive, so I always look at the free gifts, just in case. I downloaded this one because it interested me. Maybe for the wrong reasons.

I squinted hard at the screen, trying to figure out what I was looking at. Overall, do I like it? Yes. But, what is all that stuff? I think it’s an inviting bowl of something prepared, ready to eat, and the ingredients that either made it, or pair well with it, are lying next to it just for fun. It’s a mystery meal. I get the bagel. That one was easy. I got momentarily stuck on the little objects placed next to the bowl, wondering if they were some kind of mysterious vegetable, but then I realized they weren’t food, they were salt and pepper shakers. Dur.

The napkin and spoon are saying, hey, look at this bowl of food, I’m ready to eat. And while I’m a sucker for a hot bowl of oatmeal, I don’t think that’s what I’m looking at. Could it be Cream of Wheat? It almost looks like a bowl of melted butter. That couldn’t be. Who would eat that? And what is that green spice?

I think whatever oil is in the other bowl is the stuff drizzled on the entrée. What’s up with the white carrots? They look like carrots. Can carrots be white? Are they parsnips? Am I stupid? Don’t answer that.

Okay, so after a little research, it turns out there are white carrots in the world. Some people think they are sweeter and juicer than the orange ones. They naturally occur in nature and are not genetically modified, and the traditional orange-colored ones were the result of crossbreeding white and purple carrots. Who knew? Well now, we all do. Your welcome.

But what’s in the damned bowl? Grits? Why are the carrots there? This entire problem may result from the limited travel I’ve conducted in my life. I’ll be honest. I’ve been around the U.S. and really dig Hawaii. Other than that, I’ve traveled to Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, and England. Not what you call a big resume. I wish I could claim differently. I think this is some kind of ethnic food that I’m not familiar with.

Sigh. I’m just an American mutt. I wish I could travel more, and I really wish I could take a taste from that bowl. If you know what it is, help a girl out and contact me!

UPDATE:  After I wrote this damn thing I uploaded the image and the meta data said it was parsnip soup with butter sauce.

ARGH! I guessed parsnips—see above! But they looked so carrot-y! White carrots and parsnips look almost exactly alike. Google it! Supposedly they taste different—a parsnip has a spiced flavor and carrot is sweeter. Whatever! I hate you parsnip soup! I will never try you now. You tricked me because you look like carrots. I was feeling all down on myself, thinking how dumb I am, but no! It’s not me, it’s culinary gurus who have to be all braggy……but, damn. I gotta take some blame. I’m not techie. If I had been, well, we wouldn’t be here now.

I’m going to get along with my day now, but know this. I will never, ever eat parsnip soup. Boom. Back in the winner’s circle.

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