ALERT! Over the last 48 hours, I cram watched the first season of The Circle on Netflix and have moved on to season two! I’m now tempted to end every sentence of this blog with an exclamation point because the damn show has made me feel my every utterance better be impactful, strategic, and important! But if they aren’t, follow them up with a list of emojis and hashtags to get your point across! 😁🙄 #loveexclamationpoints (I’ll stop with the overuse now, but I wanna use those damn !!!)

Until I texted my daughter and she filled me in on the deets (that’s details to you, old people), I had not realized that season one had been out for about a year. I’m glad I didn’t find that out earlier and been made to wait for a year, because now . .  . I don’t have to stop watching!!.

Okay, the tea on season one. I think you’re getting that I love this show. You might think that watching a reality show about 6-8 people each living alone in the same building playing a social media game to see who can be the most popular would be sophomoric, stupid, and boring. Yes, Yes, and NO.

It’s far from boring, it’s addictive. Watching the first couple of episodes of season one, I did some narrowing of the eyes and making “yuk” faces a few times. I also cocked my head wondering what in the world these people were implying with the who-knew-an-emoji-was-so-important-and-cogent learning curve. I always thought actual words were pretty persuasive, but I was wrong. 😕Of course I knew what an emoji was and have used them many times, but primarily just the smiles and hearts. Dig deeper people. I’m honestly intimidated to use them now because I’m not up to speed on the trending hidden urban slang. #tryingbutscared #dontjudgeme

Each apartment is filled with cameras and screens, but the contestants have no internet, phones, or television to amuse themselves with. So, they have to focus on the game and play it as the only outlet and focus of their lives. (Winner gets $100,000 – Netflix got off cheap). Voice activation screens connect them to the other players/competition, BUT, they don’t really know who each of the players is in real life. Da-da-daaaaa. #catfish. Yup, as weird as it sounds, #hilarious, some people go into the game and fake their identity. I know! Each day, someone is voted off by the gang, and replacements are added, until the screens announce in one of the oddly exciting ALERT announcements that ‘no more contestants will be added’. Then it’s just dog eat dog. #idonthaveyourbackanymorebish

Season one random observations about the players in no particular order: I love you, Joey! You took some time to get to know and at first seemed stereotypical Jersey, but you grew on me! Shubham . . . love you too, hugging you big time and your dad is the best. Your bromance with Joey was everything. Alana, ummmm. Ummmmm. Just no. And Chris, I sincerely hope some good-hearted dentist in Dallas comes through for your mom. #GOFUNDMEFORCHRIS

Hello, Circle. Message . . .

So far, I’ve only watched the first episode of season two, but listen up. . . Chloe, if I ever meet you, I may have to stab you. You’re harshing my buzz and making me cringe! #STOPSCREAMINGANNOYINGBRIT

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