Bit-O-Honey Packs an Emotional Punch

Bit-O-Honey is a heavenly, honey-flavored taffy that in five years will celebrate one hundred years on the planet. Thank God. To my surprise, I recently discovered that many people have Bit-O-Honey stories. Pearson’s Candy should get on this and have a contest for the Best Bit-O-Honey stories for the grand Bit-O-Honey Century Celebration which I’m certain will take place in St. Paul. I recently participated … Continue reading Bit-O-Honey Packs an Emotional Punch

The Florida Man Does Not Disappoint!

Have you done the challenge? Go to the Google Machine and enter the words: Florida Man, and your birthday. For example, Florida Man April 28. It’s super fun. Watch what pops up! It’s like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Bizarre and true. Apparently, someone recognized that on any given day of the year, someone in Florida is going bat-shit crazy. If you put … Continue reading The Florida Man Does Not Disappoint!

Damn you, Winter! My Basement Flooded!

Argh, why! Wait, I know. Winter has been a bitch this year and we were dumb enough to purchase a home at the bottom of a hill. So who’s to blame? Winter, laughing her maniacal ass off as she dumps a record amount of snow onto us, or George. And the realtor. I’m not taking any blame for this. When we moved to Minnesota, I … Continue reading Damn you, Winter! My Basement Flooded!

I’m Having My Dog Spayed

I broke down early. Science, the vet, and the Google forums tell me I should wait for my female dog to experience her first cycle of heat before she is spayed. So that was our plan. But plans change. My dog is a thug. A love-her-to-bits thug, but nevertheless, well deserving of the moniker. She is our first female and we’ve never experienced what heat … Continue reading I’m Having My Dog Spayed

Jury Duty Complete, and in the Nick of Time!

Whew! What a learning experience. Long story short, I completed my service the first week, physically being present for only three days. But everyone’s service was unique. The luck of the draw….literally. Minneapolis is a large city and my court serves a populous county. The jury room that first morning had 197 people in it. That number was announced by the friendly jury room supervisor … Continue reading Jury Duty Complete, and in the Nick of Time!

Schrödinger’s Cat

San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, 642 Things to Write About strikes again. I peruse this book from time to time, especially as a way to put off domestic chores. When something strikes me as interesting, I take up the challenge. Today’s prompt:  You wake up by the side of the road lying next to a bicycle, with no memory and no wallet. What happens in the … Continue reading Schrödinger’s Cat

10 Best Ideas in the Whole World!

Bloggers, article writers, they love to put a number in front of their titles to suck people in. Click bait. Look—the list is succinct! It’s Finite. Verified. Easy to grasp! The weird thing is, this tactic works. I do not have a list of the ten best ideas in the whole world, I just wanted to see if my title grabbed anyone’s attention. (Note disclaimer … Continue reading 10 Best Ideas in the Whole World!