I’m Having My Dog Spayed

I broke down early. Science, the vet, and the Google forums tell me I should wait for my female dog to experience her first cycle of heat before she is spayed. So that was our plan. But plans change. My dog is a thug. A love-her-to-bits thug, but nevertheless, well deserving of the moniker. She is our first female and we’ve never experienced what heat … Continue reading I’m Having My Dog Spayed

Jury Duty Complete, and in the Nick of Time!

Whew! What a learning experience. Long story short, I completed my service the first week, physically being present for only three days. But everyone’s service was unique. The luck of the draw….literally. Minneapolis is a large city and my court serves a populous county. The jury room that first morning had 197 people in it. That number was announced by the friendly jury room supervisor … Continue reading Jury Duty Complete, and in the Nick of Time!

10 Best Ideas in the Whole World!

Bloggers, article writers, they love to put a number in front of their titles to suck people in. Look—the list is succinct! It’s Finite. Verified. Easy to grasp! The weird thing is, this tactic works. I do not have a list of the ten best ideas in the whole world, I just wanted to see if my title grabbed anyone’s attention. (Note disclaimer wink by … Continue reading 10 Best Ideas in the Whole World!

Writing Prompts. A Good Thing or a Cautionary Tale?

If you’ve read my blogs, you’ll understand the title of this one and why I chose to write it. Let’s begin by breaking down how a traditional cautionary tale is supposed to be structured and its purpose. As the two words—cautionary tale, imply, it is an ask for you to stop, and proceed with caution. There may be danger ahead. There are three parts of … Continue reading Writing Prompts. A Good Thing or a Cautionary Tale?

Favorite Food Memory

Write about: A taste that excites you and the moment you first encountered it. I came across this writing prompt in 642 Things to Write About and stopped on it because I do have a recollection. That surprised me. I hadn’t ever considered my experience as something profound, but when the prompt came, the memory flooded back. I was at a friend’s house, sitting on … Continue reading Favorite Food Memory

I Have a Guilty Secret—Part 1

The title would imply I have many. I will not correct that assumption. Let’s dive in. I spend an inordinate amount of time playing games on my electronics. I’m sure everyone has, though. Or not? After previously declaring my thoughts about everyone eventually landing on the shrink’s couch, a friend corrected me and said that was just not true. Whatever, Dale. Don’t come to me … Continue reading I Have a Guilty Secret—Part 1

Cioppino Anyone? Pudding Shots?

It’s Cioppino Night! Yay and boo. I hate fish. This was a special scallop and clam recipe my daughter, her boyfriend, and George decided to cook. Our daughter gave George a couple of beautiful cookbooks on fish for Christmas. I guess she feels sorry for him. Oh, hell, everyone does. Despite the dinner menu, I was looking forward to the get together. We were going … Continue reading Cioppino Anyone? Pudding Shots?