Yay! They Called me for Jury Duty!

Beyond jazzed that this happened! I’m looking forward to the learning experience, the people watching, the conversations with unsuspecting strangers, and the thrilling possibility that I may be seated on a jury.

I’ve been called for jury duty only once before. It did not go well. Back then I was bopping around in high heels, the classic Louis Vuitton bag dangling from my arm, any wisdom on real-world issues lingering out there, yet to be tackled. It was a good time.

For some reason I distinctly recall wearing a brighter than pink, matte Yves St. Laurent lipstick, which a friend of mine felt compelled to tell me should not be worn. I completely disagreed. Living as I was, a somewhat successful, independent woman, my thoughts rarely skipped past the best place for happy hour, what to wear, how to pay for it, and who was driving.

I clickety clacked my way into the courtroom and took a seat with my fellow Americans. We were instructed on the overview of the case and then as a group, were asked for a show of hands if we were either comfortable or uncomfortable with various aspects of the sentencing. I’m certain there was more to this, but my memories are compressed to this particular moment. I recall my hand shot up – alone. The judge asked me to stand. The man perched on very old, high wooden dais looked down and out at me from across the room and asked a question.

My recollect of my answer is sketchy. What I do recall is his response. He yelled at me. A big loud voice, bellowing at me like Oz—of the great and powerful.

“That is not an appropriate question! The other members will disregard her response. You are dismissed. Leave my courtroom.”

What the hell had I said? For the life of me, I can’t remember. Something to do with the fairness of the system. This from me, Vuitton no doubt hanging primly while I delivered my obviously unsolicited opinion about something through my bright pink lipstick.

I skedaddled out of the room, my service done. If I wasn’t so looking forward to my next experience, I’d say a replication of some kind of crazy would be a good idea. But no. This time, I’m certain I’m chock full of wisdom. This time, I’m positive I know it all.

I can’t wait to see what happens. What should I wear?

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