Exhibit A—the title of my blog. Annabelle Blogs.

Is blogs a verb? I suppose it has to be here, right? A sentence must contain at least one noun – pronoun in this case, (Ha!) and a verb. Is that right?

Could blogs it be a noun? Blogs—like newspapers, magazines—those are nouns.

How am I going to get past this so I can write the actual blog? I feel stuck.

And when that happens, I typically lose all pretense of caring and file it under the handy, ‘who cares’. I mentally flash to a gun rack behind me on a truck I don’t own and think of myself as smoking and drinking a beer, careening down the highway with the tunes cranking.

But then I land. Books have been written about this grammar shit. Think about the incredible Eats, Shoots & Leaves, The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation book by Lynne Truss. I’ll bet she’d care. Yes, I read the book, loved it actually, but I’m not sure all the lessons stuck. It was a fascinating read about how the use or improper use of punctuation can set the world on fire. (Editorializing here…. Sweet!)

There are tooools on-line I could run this thing through, in fact, I subscribe to one. But what if I don’t want to? When is it okay just to freeform? Go commando? (N-e-v-e-r). Why do I need to worry about perfection of form when I’d rather use my blog space to ramble. Let her off the leash!

Surprising twist. I suppose this periphrastic composition is actually a blog. And there it is. Our word of the day:

Periphrastic. Awesome word meaning circumlocutory, or roundabout. Boom. A bonus word- circumlocutory.

Your welcome.


You’re welcome.

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