Best Blog Ever!

A kick-ass Call to Action? Click-bait? Boom. Right in your face. Now I give you a reward, my sweet.

Read FU Penguin by Matthew Gasteier. A book about cute animals receiving their comeuppance. Who knew they needed it? Matthew did. I heart you, Matthew.

According to great blog-writing rules, and to stay on topic delivering the best blog ever, I’m also supposed to help you with something. So here’s a helpful tip:

Wear a diaper when you read FU Penguin. It’s that good. Since reading the book, I’ve purchased it many times and given it as gifts for various celebratory events. I don’t think everyone gets the humor and to my surprise, some people have actually been offended by the title. To those folks, I would say, FU. We’re not playing on the same team. Get out of my sandbox. I’m smashing your castle.

Blog writing rules also say that I should find a problem which is common that others may share and speak to them about how I overcame this problem.

People who don’t cuss or who are offended by cussing is a problem I often encounter. How do I overcome that? I cuss more. Stop blushing, weirdo. As you can see, I call them names. Not to their face, that would be rude. No. I do it in my head. Whisper to yourself….these are inside thoughts. You then internally malign the suckers and smile.

Helpful. No?

Look. Real life is full of bad stuff. Bad stuff will always be there. Grief is real. But you can play hard, get dirty, and not fear it. Be a little naughty. And possibly not cuss around certain people in authority, or your mother, or the priest, or……..

And for those of you shocked and appalled flinchers out there, I saw you smiling—basically confessing that your own internal thoughts are peppered with spicy language when you received that special book at the baby shower. What am I talking about? Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach with gorgeous illustration by Ricardo Cortés hasn’t become the most popular shower gift ever because it’s not relatable.

Don’t deny it! I gotcha.

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