What a World

True Story. My dear friend, Tom, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He’d had his routine, five-year colonoscopy where they discovered some benign polyps. The doctor asked him to come back for a follow-up colonoscopy in six months.

Despite the doctor’s recommendations, his insurance denied the follow-up procedure as unnecessary.  Stop here and cringe.

Tom, however, being a smart man with a smart wife, followed his doctor’s advice and underwent the second procedure—despite the out-of-pocket costs and despite the horrible prep and time taken out of his busy schedule. And that’s when they found the cancer. Lurking around the last corner they looked.

Thankfully, Tom is doing well. He had surgery to remove the cancer and things are looking good. But…. the insurance company is still denying the second colonoscopy as unnecessary. They won’t pay for it. Even though it saved his life. They’re standing behind their initial assessment. What jack hole actuary is denying this claim? What kind of absurdity is the insurance company peddling? Do they sleep at night?

I know there are million stories out there like this; but pay attention to the game and do what you can to advocate for yourself. It’s our reality. Live or die in it.

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