Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Blogger for Tips

I made this mistake the other day on a Facebook site. Sincerely looking for tips as to what mistakes people had made or regretted as they began blogging, I posted the question on a conversation stream and got crickets.

My first reaction was sadness that no one on the stream responded. Then confusion. Then ahh, I wonder if they think I’m trying to get an idea for a blog off all their hard work and research. Or step on their shoulders for an easy lift rather than discovering the pitfalls myself.

Then I was a sad again. Because I wasn’t trying to do any of that. We all have our areas of strength, knowledge banks, successes and failures, and we’re always learning. I’ve learned a LOT about a wide variety of things having to do with writing, books, marketing, technology, life, motherhood, and when I have time, I absolutely share my advice. It would be great to have foreknowledge of some dead ends. They can be costly—financially and emotionally. I’m not sure what’s worse.

But it’s a competitive world, it’s a foot race the finish, and I have plantar fasciitis.

In the end, it’s a reminder to me to take more time to help others, too. Next time I’m in a hurry, it will be top of mind to stop and lift someone else who needs it. For now, I’ll help you by sharing the jewel below. Your welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Blogger for Tips

  1. I was struggling to get my blog (a Facebook page) off the ground. I was very fortunate then to make friends online with an experienced blogger. She answered so many questions for me! And in return I answer her computer tech questions. With her help I went from just over 200 followers to over 700 now. I find that when I reach out with questions via Messenger people are quick to assist to me, so maybe it is that one-on-one aspect that works.

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